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Frequently used SPSS syntax commands

What are the SPSS syntax commands? Nowadays, SPSS software is very famous for data analysis. SPSS meaning is Statistical Package for Social Sciences. SPSS syntax commands are the way to open files, edit data, generate results and save files using its syntax window. Although you can do these things using drop-down menus, syntax makes them easier. Sometimes it becomes …

How to merge two data sets using SPSS

Why do we need to merge two data sets? Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) is a powerful software for analyzing data. Today we are going to discuss an interesting use of SPSS, known as data merging as well as data matching. Data merging is so much important for the researchers to merge two data sets …

How to design a survey

Survey design As a matter of fact, research is a very important component for the development of human society. There are many different ways to do a research. Survey research is a well-known method to do a research very easily. It is a commonly used method to collect information about any population on any aspect. The present article …