Secrets of living a happy life, step-by-step tips to build your life happier.

Some general tips

Secrets of living a happy life

This eBook is developed for guiding people to live a happy life. The eBook includes all necessary tips for making everyday life easier. We face many problems in our everyday life like chewing gum sticks to cloth, can’t clean burned frying pan, can’t get rid of ant, etc. This eBook will give you the solutions of all these issues. Moreover, you will learn about some foods that are good for different parts of the body. At a glance the eBook will help people in following issues:

  • Breathing problem.
  • skin problem.
  • Bad smells in the mouth.
  • Nose blocking.
  • Feel like vomiting.
  • Pimple problem.
  • Infestation of rats.
  • Infestation of ants.
  • Chewing gum in the clothes.
  • Ink in the clothes.

Some general tips

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